Still Life Paintings

Flowers, vegetables and objects, usually on a blue background.

Combinations of the above are grouped together to create paintings that celebrate domesticity using this traditional subject matter. 

Commissions are accepted, please get in touch for further details.

'Tulips in a Jug'
'Gypsophila in a Bottle with Pumpkins'
'Three Vessels One'
'Flower Arrangement & Two Plants on a Piano'
'Astrantia in a Bottle'
'Snake Plant on a Pink Table'
'Three Vessels Two'
'Wilted Flower in a Jug'
'Fern in a Bathroom'
'Gypsophila in a Brown Glass Bottle'
'Three Vases from a Charity Shop in Rotherham'
'Vase of Daffodils on a Wicker Stool'
'Vase of Calendula'
'Dried Gypsophila in a Blue & White Vase'
'Pilea on a Dresser'
'Sunflowers in a Jug'
'Curry Plant in a Bottle'
'Tromboncino in a Corner'
'Daffodils in a Jug'
'Hanging Plant in a Bathroom'
'Vase in a Bedroom'
'Gypsophila in a Bottle'
'Sweet Peas in a Bottle'
'Pumpkins in a Basket'
'Tulips in a Jug'
'Tulips in a Jug with a Bowl'
'Vase of Seed Heads with Two Vessels'
'Vase of Seed Heads'
'Gypsophila in a Vase'
'Gypsophila in a Tin Bottle'
'Gypsophila in a Bottle'
Gypsophila with Red Cabbage and Lemon