Seed Swaps

Bring, swap & share your homegrown or spare

Our next event is Saturday 22 February. See more details on our event page.

I spend a lot of time on my allotment, growing, building, harvesting and preserving. I get so much joy from growing my own produce, that I organise Seed Swaps to help inspire people to also grow their own.

Seed Swaps are a self-started project born from my enjoyment of allotment gardening. They encourage people to grow their own food, save seed and give it away again next season. Connecting like-minded individuals, sharing skills and knowledge, and creating a more diverse seed bank based on protecting heritage varieties.

The event has now grown and we've partnered with local

like-minded organisations such as Regather & Sheffield Fruit Trees to provide a bigger event with workshops and talks. Please join the facebook group to be the first to hear about future swaps.