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Past exhibitions of my work

Fronteer Open

South Gallery, Exchange Place
1-11 December 2021

A group exhibition and art prize featuring the work of over 70 UK based artists

In a Vase

South Gallery, Exchange Place
8-30 October 2021

As seasons swirl, swell & subside, a vase acts as an anchor for stillness and invites a moment of observation. Time is noticed, celebrated and entangled, displayed in the home until the stems turn; drooping, dropping and spilling petals and pollen on the table.

‘In a Vase’ exhibits a new collection of still life paintings, all set in the artist’s own living room. The blue walls and teak table remain constant whilst the subjects shift and change with the seasons and a growing collection of vessels in which to contain them. The form, colour, shapes and habits of the flowers, fruits and vegetables acknowledge the process of bloom and decay and the attempts to capture an elusive moment, in a vase.

A price list for the works can be found here

Fronteer Open

35 Chapel Walk
26 November - 6 December 2019

An open exhibition and art prize featuring the work of over 80 different artists.


North & South Galleries, Exchange Place
1 - 30 November 2019

A group exhibition by Painterly Exchange, 17 painters based in Exchange Place Studios. The show is the culmination of 12 months work by the artists, responding to the theme of 'regeneration'.

Art in the Home

Kommune & Persistence Works

1 - 17 November 2019

As part of Yorkshire Artspace's Open Studios weekend, Studio 2021 is curating a selection of Modernist furniture and work from over 30 artists and makers, celebrating the best in Sheffield design.

Prosaic Mosaic

Bloc Projects
22 - 26 October 2019

Building on the success of the first show, this salon-style exhibition features the works off 55 artists. The breadth painting practice shown all has something to say on 'pigment on substrate'.

Humans and Nature

Prosaic Projects Gallery
30 July - September 2019

A small space for experimental exhibitions. It is important that artists and makers have some sort of platform to demonstrate their creativity, be it a London gallery or a wall in the kitchen of a studio. 'Humans and Nature' is the inaugural exhibition at the new gallery space in Sheffield.

Green City


17 & 18 August 2019

Green City is a pop-up exhibition of postcard sized works. Selected works are inspired by plants, flowers, gardens, weeds, succulents, pot plants, trees, and anything related to Sheffield as a green city, as we help to grow and support the regeneration of this urban city centre area.


North Gallery, Exchange Place
6 - 27 July 2019

Botanicals is a contemporary art exhibition devised and organised by Fronteer. Previously, Botanicals incorporated an open call, encouraging artists to respond to the theme, 30 artists have been selected for this exhibition.

On a Table

Apples & Pears Gallery
1 June - 7 July 2019

A solo show of 3 new works. 'On a Table' is a celebration of domesticity and the everyday. Contact the gallery directly to arrange viewings.


Coterie Gallery
11 - 31 May 2019

‘Prosaic’ is an exhibition that brings together work by over thirty artists, each with a keen interest in painting.

Curators Sean Williams and Bryan Eccleshall aim to celebrate the breadth of approaches to painting while adhering to a common sense definition of what painting is.

‘Prosaic’ might mean ‘commonplace’ or ‘unromantic’, but when applied to painting it grounds the work in a kind of normality. None of the artists take the viewer on flights of fancy, but would rather rigorously engage with the world as it is. That doesn’t mean that the work is commonplace, though. There is great variety here.

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